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Updates will come for the section "Motorcycling in Sweden". There will be better maps and new routes.

2012-03-14 New: Motorcycling in Sweden

The overview-maps of the roads in Örebro Län end of the favorite roads have gone "online".

The next updates will be on detail level.

2012-03-01 New: Motorcycling in Sweden

With a lot of efforts, the "motorcycle-friendly roads in Örebro Län" have been published. An overview-map will follow.

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All new maps are uploaded. Additions and improvements will follow.

2012-01-19 Updated: Motorcycling in Sweden

The new maps to the road descriptions are slowly coming up. The material comes from a test-series, which was made for the SMC district Örebro län from 2009 to 2010, and will be improved.

From Tiveden to Göta-Canal

2006-10-05 Enlarged: Photo-gallery of the Franken-Trophy 2003
Journey and evening before 
Day 1: Erzgebirge and Most 
Day 2: Frankenwald 
Day 3: Oberpfalz and Fichtelgebirge - Day 4: Returnjourney through the Main Valley

2005-08-25 Updated: Fotoalbum: Bernds R1

2005-05-18 New: A directory of the swedish motorcycle-exhibitions and museums

2005-05-13 New: Sights in Sweden: Industrial Landscape Norrköping.

2004-12-22 New: The description of the sweden-journey (2002) of the Feuerwehrbikers from Ohne is now also completely available in English.
See under Activities 2002 and Motorcykling in Sweden.

2004-12-17 New: The report on the 4th DMV-Franken-Trophy is continued with the photogallery:
Journey/1st evening | Erzgebirge/Most | Thüringen/Frankenwald | Oberpfalz/Fichtelgebirge | distribution of prices | return journey
The pages do not yet include photo-titles.

2004-11-24 New: The "Motorcycle World of Bernie Becklestone" had its 25000th visitor on november, 24, 2004.

2004-10-21 New: The report on the 4th DMV-Franken-Trophy was started. See Trophy-World and Activities 2004.

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2004-10-05 Updated: Fundort Internet

2004-08-05 New:
mccollection: Motorcycles as Art
A report from a visit of the exhibition in 2002 (under construction)

2004-07-13 New:
In the funny-section you will find something about human manners (german only).

2004-07-08 New: The description of the Sweden-journey (2002) of the firebrigade-motorcyclists from Ohne ist now online (German for now).
See under activities 2002 and Motorcycling in Sweden.

2004-06-09 New: TreKurvor Gelleråsen Trackday 2003-07-05
Pictures are online.

2004-06-03 New:
SMC Nationals 2003
The pages At The Races of the SMC Nationals are now online in English and Swedish.

2004-05-26 New:
SMC Nationals 2003
The pages about the beauty contest People's Choice during the SMC Nationals are now online in English and Swedish.

2004-05-05 New:
SMC Nationals 2003
The pages about the Orientation Ride Kilsbergen Runt during the SMC Nationals are now online in English and Swedish.

2004-04-07 New:
SMC Nationals 2003
The pages about the SMC National Meeting 2003 at Karlskoga  Motorstadium are now available in German language:
Orientiation Ride Kilsbergen Runt with Roadbook.
At-The-Races - Experience the Scandinavian Open.
People's Choice - Beauty contest for visitor's bikes.

2004-03-26 New: Haiku for 404

2004-02-18 New: With the Firebrigade Motorcyclists in Sweden:
The report starts with Touroverview.

2004-02-12 New: The report about the Franken-Trophy 2003 was commenced. See under activities 2003.

2003-12-06 New: Farewell R1:
After 5 years and 51585 kilometers my r1 is leaving me.

2003-10-25 New: Photoalbum: Becklestone's (Bernd's) R1

2003-10-09 Attention: The site had its 20000. visitor today. The webmaster came one hit too late and was visitor 20001.

2002-11-14 Attention! The 15000th  visitor was "Onkel" from Germany.

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