Tommy SöderqvistStart to the orientation ride in the Karlskoga MotorstadiumStartposterLeaving the MotorstadiumRoadbookCheckpoint in Pershyttan
Bengan is checkingCheck in PershyttanLeaving PershyttanTimecheck in MogetorpOn the parking lot at the Mogetorp Inn
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Tommy at the timecheckPyrex is leaving Mogetorp for KarlskogaOn the parking lot at the Mogetorp InnCheckcardOn the parking lot at the Mogetorp InnEntering the finish in the MotorstadiumAm Ziel

2002 and 2003 the regional organisations Värmland, Örebro Län and Västmanland of the Swedish Motorcyclists Organisation prepared a sideprogram to the most important competitions during the Bikeweek in Karlskoga. These were the Norwegian and Scandinavian championships in 2003.

In 2003 the sideprogram consisted of the daily Raceparty during evenings with lifemusic in the party tent, a beauty contest for motorcycles, touringride for visitors and long time staying guests of the competitions, little trackriding ("taste the racetrack") and the orientation ride.

The orientation ride lead clockwise around the Kils mountains and was timed. Only means for orientation was the detailed Roadbook. A checkpoint was located behind the historical foundry in Pershyttan. The motorcycle-friendly Mogetorp Inn (Ervalla) served as second checkpoint and restplace. Every rider was also timed here. Riders and officials enjoyed the ride. Unfortunately there will be no new orientation ride in 2004.